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Jackie Hart: Headhunter

A Supernatural Detective Adventure

Feature 1 Feature 1

An upcoming point and click adventure set in Taipei, Taiwan.

Jackie Hart is a supernatural detective investigating a series of beheadings.

Uncover Taiwan's mystical underbelly where multiple pantheons collide.

Earn the trust of the police and keep yourself and your friends alive to defeat the evil forces rising in the city.

All the Tea in China

Made for inkJam 2022

Feature 1 Feature 1

Esteemed botanist William Harrington arrives in Shanghai, he's on a most secret mission to procure tea plants and seeds from deepest China, only the very best will do.

Helping him in is task is you, Hsiao Ch'eng Man frequently hired as a translator, this is the first time you've been asked to do something like this.

The foreigners certainly know how to throw money around, perhaps you can make the most of this situation and avoid getting caught by the authorities. (PC/Mac/Browser)


A Slug's Adventure

Feature 1 Feature 1

Peregrine Fixalot is a handy-slug, he meticulously carries out repairs in the Kingdom, his greatest shame was putting the hinges on the power station entrance the wrong way, but that's all in the past.

Speaking of the power station, when the power to the castle goes out and stops the music, Peregrine is summoned to fix it.

If only the power station wasn't so far away, what should be a simple task is fraught with reasonably friendly creatures, some not too difficult puzzles and free beer. Milk is not free though, you have to pay for that. (PC/Mac)

The Fixer

Made for inkJam 2020

Feature 1 Feature 1

Fingers is a professional fixer for the underworld elite, he's cold, calculating and ruthless. He's the best in the game.

Called to investigate an incident at crackhouse, Fingers must discover what happened and ensure no trouble comes back to his boss. (PC/Mac/Browser)

Catfish Fish Cat

The Simulated Cat Ownership Simulator

Feature 1 Feature 1

Miguel needs to feed his cats so he gets a job at a scam dating website where they trick unsuspecting lonely men into giving up their money.

Will Miguel learn the secrets of this trade?

In Catfish Fish Cat you have conversations with other men via a dating chat app while pretending to be a young woman. If you say the right things they'll tip you more, and more tips means more treats for your cats! (PC/Mac)

In a Jam

Made for inkJam 2019

Feature 1 Feature 1

Game developer Graham (Sally Beaumont) is participating in inkJam 2019, the theme is "at the brink".

Fixated on shoehorning a game about the environment into it, Graham struggles to find a game idea that works.

With the deadline looming will he release a game for inkJam, and what will it cost him? (PC/Mac/Linux/Browser)

Drawn Down

A Tech Noir Adventure

Feature 1 Feature 1

It's 2036 and technology continues to spiral out of control. London's criminals find new ways to stay ahead of the police, but with the imminent introduction of the Damocles Armoured Fighting Robot to the police, what new scheme will they come up with next?

Nathan Jordan is a composite artist who works as a consultant for the police, his quiet life is about to be shattered when his missing brother suddenly reappears in his life. Unfortunately his brother is being held hostage.

Compelled by guilt from his past, Nathan will stop at nothing to get his brother back. With the police, a global crime organisation called The Syndicate, and the mysterious art thief known as The Wolf all in Nathan's path, the situation is looking grim.


No Surrender

Feature 1 Feature 1

Join the airborne as they jump into crazy battles with an endless stream of enemy forces!

Apple App Store (iPhone/iPad)